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I’ve been reading so much about advertising campaigns and about writing copy lately. I haven’t seen many health campaigns really excel at writing copy, so I wanted to find some examples that are considered a gold standard, even if I had to look to other fields.  Listed below are a few interesting blogs that give suggestions of good copy. All the examples seem to be very casual, simple and conversational in tone.

Particularly interesting was the fact that the highest ranked posts were all blogs on marketing! The most interesting part was not one single health company was listed, outside Oscar healthcare. However, Oscar is most definitely not nearly as creative as the other examples and has no blog.  Another one I really liked which was highlighted by Enchanting Marketing is Innocent drinks and here is the blog for the company. It is humorous and addresses their values of fresh ingredients, without too much of a hard sell. Particularly amazing is that the UK government site is listed. I feel like this is definitely worth a look see.

Below are some other blogs that I enjoyed:

Enchanting Marketing: 




The only real question that I have is what’s next? This is the question that constantly comes up for me. I think its my research background always wanting to know, so now what? What if all the healthcare providers starts doing this, how will people be able to differentiate between them? Maybe for some well established health centered organizations, they should avoid jumping on the bandwagon if wanting to remain credible and consistence in their patients eyes.



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