Health gets techy

Last week I wrote a paper on a great tech startup. It made me wonder what else is around and it seems the health startup scene is off the charts. This article pointed me to a few that were noteworthy. in this article, shows how using web conferences to remove barriers that keep people from getting the help they may need. However, there are serious checks and balances that need to be put into place to make sure this actually benefits the patients and makes sure that people aren’t just investing money into another thing that is suppose to help but doesn’t bc there is no quality assurance.
Another startup that I heard about at a recent tech start up fair was Medisafe. They actually have well written, simple blog. This post is worth highlighting due to a featured testimonial about Medisafe. I would say these are pretty strong communications for a fledgling company only opening within past three years, they have communications similar to big budget pharmaceutical company. I particularly like their mission statement that talks about their own family’s struggles with medications management here. It shares the founders fathers had mistakenly taken too much insulin which I thought was a powerful opening statement.


Lastly, they work to engage and empower users by asking for their input (below). This is rare for a health centered organization to ask for patient input, as often it tends to be a top to bottom approach in the health and medical field. This seems to be a great way to generate positive customer feedback, which can then be recycled into marketing materials.


Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 4.37.58 PM



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