Lazy = driving to store and getting bacon

This is one of my favorite articles of all time. I am so happy I found it. I recognized it right away.

I remember reading this article and just having my mind bend by obstacles faced by the featured family.  I didn’t really ever think of how once one is financially unstable , how impossible it can be to change their situation. The article,” Waiting for the 8th” describes this perfectly.

Even though its been three years since I read this article, the part I remembered the most were the telling details. I remembered a slight variation of the following phrase, “Lazy would be getting in a car, turning on the heat, going to the grocery store and picking out some bacon.”

First, it reconfirms the importance of “telling details” and how this article is laced with factual information, but  it was the quote about how getting in your car and driving to get bacon is easy. I remembered it was about poverty and homelessness in DC, but it was this quote that stuck with me.

This was probably the first time I was really exposed to the idea of social determinants of health. The part of the story that is eye opening is how organized, and frugal the mother had to be just to be able to feed her children – a basic need. It  seemed like a part-time job organizing all the resources to ensure food was available. It makes perfect sense that these stressors were beginning to affect how she felt about herself and she reported,”stress, panic attacks, leg numbness and anxiety.”


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