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A few weeks ago we had a class dedicated to the Real Humans of NY. We studied interview techniques and why the pictures from an amateur photographer resonated so much with so many people. The post has always been the one that stuck out the most even though I read it almost a year ago. It was posted in August 2015, and it perfectly describes social determinants of health. Although this man’s issue was a health issue, it was actually a societal and structural constraints that kept him from living a fulfilling and happy life. It was because his community didn’t accept him, and not his disabilities, that ended up being his biggest obstacle. It is truly heart breaking, but I think its is important for people to know about these types of issues even though sometimes it feels like there is nothing that can be done about it. Although this is heart wrenching, my favorite part is seeing all the wonderful comments from all over the world.  One comment featured below had about 35,000 likes, but the post itself has about 350,000 views. Imagine if there was a way to monetize this and have 5 cents for every click?


My favorite thing about this post were the positive and heart felt user comments. One  user commented, “Everybody needs and deserves love and companionship.” I love how Brandon Staunton makes everyone so relatable and shows us we are more alike than we are different. I just wish there was more non profits highlighted to help the people are are shown, or to show if this post has helped them in any way. I remember hearing in a lecture coming into a community and giving it a bunch of attention, making false promises and then leaving never to be heard from again, can often have deterimental effects to those they meant othelp, without creating some sort of supportive system or follow up. I hope at the very least people who read this learn to treat  and better invest in people with disabilties.

You can find the link here.

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